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Full Version: Quicklauncher Never Terminates
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Hi All, I'm running OZ 3.5.2 and noticed that any time an Opie app starts it also launches a program called quicklauncher. So I look in the process list and see a ton of quicklauncher processes but no Opie apps are running. Starting a new Opie app and then exiting it, I find that the app is removed from the process list but quicklauncher remains. This looks to be a bug. Does anyone know if this is a known issue? Thanks.
The quicklauncher needs to run everytime - it's part of the quick launch (sic!) procedure which launches the process in background and loads applications as libraries hence removing a lot of dynamic relocating time hence improving startup time.
I assume this to mean that a quicklauncher process will remain for each individual application, but won't be re-created for a new instance of that application.

E.g. If you start then exit from opie-datebook, a quicklauncher process will remain behind. Then if you start opie-datebook again, the same quicklauncher process will be re-used (as it already contains the code, etc.).

Easy enough to test and see if this is what is happening (when I get home to my Z).

I'm pretty sure I saw what I saw but now I'm not so sure. After rebooting my Z, I tried to reproduce this with no success. The only strange thing I notice is that the System Information app from the Settings tab displays the name quicklauncher for programs like addressbook or datebook while the ps command displays addressbook and datebook. In other words, if you start the Contacts application, two tasks are started. As identified by ps they are quicklauncher and addressbook, as identified by the System Information app they are both listed as quicklauncher.
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