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Full Version: Export Display To Zaurus
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i have an sl6000l and i am set up to ssh(wireless) into my slackbox. the zaurus has the orig rom. how can i get my xapps, etc. to work on the z? thanx a bunch for any info.
Install XQt (so you have X on your Zaurus) then proceed as you would normally to export the X display to a different machine.

thanks, lardman, i appreciate the timeliness of your reply. i got and installed X on the Z and it seems to work-i ssh into tincat1(the slackbox) with
"ssh -X -l dp" and then "export DISPLAY="; then, when i attempt an xapp, i get "Xlib: connection to refused by server" and "Xlib: no protocol specified". do i need to enable X-fowarding somewhere as well as authorize the Z to do so, and do i use a display different from the one tincat1 uses or do i use another screen. also to what protocol does the second message refer.
i again thank you for any thoughts you may offer here as i am just trying to muddle through. by the way, what's a good window manager for X on Z?
I don't know much about this actually, but you probably need to use xhost at some point (which I think gives permission for another computer to connect, or vice versa).

Try a google, it's just standard X windows stuff.

Something else interesting to try once you've got it connecting is called x2x.

No idea about Wms, I use Opie mainly.

If you are sshing with -X you should not have to set your DISPLAY enviroment, SSH Should do that for you.

If you set your enviroment to the Z manually you will have to xhost + the machine you are trying to run the apps on.
thank you guys. i have turned access control off on tincat1, but still have probs. i'm not sure i have X installed properly on the Z since i can't get any xapps to open on the Z-i get the xscreen, but twm, etc. say they can't connect to the xserver(this is with Xqt running-startx crashes quick. i'm going to poke around and see if i can't find a way to startx w/twm or blackbox. any thoughts appreciated.
Are you saying that nothing runs on the Z in XQt - the xterms don't open, etc.? Or are you having troubles exporting the display (you're talking about twm...?)?

sounds like something missing in the xqt installation.
you have fonts-misc? and xbase-clients?
This definitely works on a 6000 in OZ and sharprom with xqt 1 and 2.
what xqt server are you using? the .9 is a problem. the newest version from feed-testing (1.0? 1.9? is good, as is .8 on xqt 1)

My suggestion would be to rip out xqt and carefully reinstall using the steps described in the xqt forum ( I think "I'm flabbergasted" has it or points to it)
the xapps weren't running on the Z-the gray screen was there, but nothing would connect to the server(locally or remote). i originally installed xqt-server 1.9 from along with the other pkgs required according to the debian pocket workstation site . i read adf's post and removed xqt 1.9 and put in 0.10. i also added /opt/qtpalmtop/bin to my path and now i can start the xqt server and then i can start rxvt or blackbox from a terminal-i get locale missing messages and the geometry is not right, but that might be tweakable. still no startx, which i believe would let me start up blackbox concurrently(would like to be able to do all this w/o a terminal running-i guess that means an icon on the Apps page; more i need to learn. i do appreciate all of your input here as i really like this machine. it's like what my psion series 5 would be with current tech, though i think the psion's flip open design w/nice little keyboard was the real deal-that with the z's power and screen would beyond rock. well, it's back to tinkering.
I would have thought 1.9 would work.

My suggestion at the moment is to get a 0.8 server and use the older feed, not the testing one,and work from there. If you get that going (and I think you will) then play with the xqt2 testing stuff.

sorry to say it, but maybe you shoul rip out all the xqt related stuff and reinstall from the older feed. server 0.9 often works but sometimes renders fonts gigantically...
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