I feel the need to get back up to date with OE/BB. My 'net connected computer is WinXP.

My understanding is that I can use a Windows subversion client to download BB itself - are there any problems with case sensitivity if I do this (actually I'm using NTFS so this may not be a problem at all)? OE still requires Bitkeeper(?), are the snapshots up and running again?

Next stage is getting hold of the sources, I don't suppose anyone has written a script to parse the .bb files and wget everything. I know this can be done with bb itself, but I want it to run on WinXP so I was thinking something a little more lightweight (so I can just run it in cygwin for example).

Otherwise I'll write a VB app to do the job and grab the whole lot (BTW how much space is required for all of the sources?).

Another thought I had, was that a live Cd would be useful (as my uni computer is far faster and has far more RAM than my current dev machine). Could someone point me in the right direction (of a decent version) and I'll have a look at how one of these should be modified and constructed.