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Full Version: Suspend/resume Kills Processes Using Cf
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All processes using a filesystem on the CF card are killed and the filesystem is remounted on suspend/resume. This makes CFs unusable for general use.

I've looked but can't find much on this issue. There are a couple of old list posts, but no answers (1, 2).

/etc/pcmcia/ide is responsible for the kill and remount. See the Linux PCMCIA HOWTO. /etc/pcmcia/ide stop kills and umounts, and /etc/pcmcia/ide start mounts, but /etc/pcmcia/ide suspend/resume do nothing, so for some reason stop/start is being used, rather than suspend/resume.

NO_FUSER=y can be used to skip the fuser -k so that processes aren't killed and filesystems aren't umounted if busy, but then the filesystem gets messed up, so presumably the driver can't handle a suspend/resume.

cardctl suspend makes the card unavailable, but doesn't umount or kill. cardctl resume kills procs and reenables access. I haven't tested how /etc/pcmcia/ide is being called in these cases.

zimager and musicplayer cope ok, so presumably they don't leave files open and don't chdir.

I've tried 2 CF cards, both have the problem (and one MMC, which is fine).

Does anyone have any info on this? In particular:

Is this standard linux behaviour i.e. does it happen on other archetectures? If it's zaurus specific, does it affect all models/kernels? Is cardctl called on suspend/resume and how? If not, who calls /etc/pcmcia/ide? Does it affect all CF cards? It would make microdrives less useful if so...

(I did buy a SanDisk SD 1GB card originally, but had to return it because of the usual SD problem. Anyone using a SanDisk Ultra II SD 1GB? They might be ok if they use a different controller...)

My understanding is that this the kernel behaviour for the Sharp version of 2.4.18, but it can be altered (to not eject the cards) fairly easily. Mickeyl posted a reply to a similar query a while back, possibly in the OpenZaurus part of the forum.


As far as I remember this is a general problem of 2.4.x ARM kernel and it's not fixed...
I found an older thread on this, so I'll use that for all further replies.

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