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Full Version: Hitachi Flora-ie Mx1 -they Just Keep Coming
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Perhaps Hitachi know something Sharp don’t.

Cacko/PdaX Rom anyone?
Gee, that looks familiar. Not ripping off the SL-6000W or anything, oh no... dry.gif
Oh, so a Zaurus 6000x with Windows software on it being marketed by Hitachi...
Thats such a rip off...
hmmm.. same chips? can ya put linux on it? It certainly LOOKS exactly like a 6000...
Interesting. I wonder if sharp sold the design?

128megs too.... any price? might be worth seeingif it really IS a 6k ( I bet it is too...)

edit: there is no cacko nor pdaXrom for the 6000. sharp and openzaurus only. I wouldn't expect cacko or pdax to port to this. OpenZaurus might be woth checking though...
It looks like around $900 US, unless I did the math wrong, with the current exchange rates. Looks to be targeted at businesses, probably ones that have Windows CE apps and/or developers already. sad.gif I was hoping for a mass-produced high volume PPC, which would make it cheaper and easier to get than a SL-6000.
"* Price differs depending upon the number of orders. < Reference > 93,450 Yen in Hitachi direct selling price (including tax and postage extra)"
I was thinking pretty much the same thing. It may yet come down though..... except that the dollar is worth less every day sad.gif

remember though.. despite evidence to the contrary, deficits don't matter tongue.gif
Just found this, looks like a Zaurus but it is from Hitachi & runs MS Pocket PC, perhaps we have another ROM option?

Check the link & attachment

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