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Full Version: Sl-c3000 Roms
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Hi all,

This is my first post in quite some months time. Let me outline my history with the Z first. About two years ago, I graduated to the Z coming from a Toshiba Pocket PC PDA during the group buy organized by Amrein. It was a whole new world. For some months I tinkered, learned, marvelled and gasped at the power of this device in my pocket ... the Zaurus I mean. wink.gif Then I had to do an IT project with many people I didn't know involved. I needed a really good PIM solution to manage this project. The Z failed miserably. At the time, there were very few PIM solutions (only the Sharp and the TKC apps and perhas an Opie program). Although it didn't feel right, I sold the Z and bought a Tungsten T3. Great PIM, boring device. I kept on following the Z scene, and saw great evolutions such as the Cacko ROM, KO/Pi and Ka/Pi pdaXrom get born . Time to get back in the game. But now there is this new device, the 3000 that has some great features, but is not yet compatible with the latest ROMS. So I wondered, what are the options I have now, and what in the near future?

Could you guys fill me in. I need a solution on the sl-c3000 that features a good PIM (not as the main feature, I want all the configurability, terminals, ... too, but a good PIM is needed too).

How is debian on the 3000 in that regard?
Are the sharp PIMs improved?
Can Ko/PI and Ka/PI be installed on the current 3000?
Any idea on when Cacko or pdaX will be available on the 3000 (don't flame please - I now this is a difficult question...)?
How are the syncing possibilities with Kontact (KDE-Pims) on Linux?

...or should I go for the sl-c860 after all?

Thanks for all your help.
I'm sure others will reply, but a quick response...

Internal sharp PIM funtions are quite good, and useable for non-sophisticated types. I find them annoying because they're geared almost totally towards the stylus and not the excellent keyboard (I come from a HP200LX)

KO/PI and KA/PI work fine on C3000. Look at their sourceforge pages. Personally I tried them for quite some time but find KO/PI has a bit too many un-needed features and tries to cram in too much. Also, to me, a bit slow on the C3000. Others *love* KO/PI to bits. KA/PI is nice.

Personally I love Qualendar which is a darn site better than the built in calendar and more useful with the keyboard. Built on the same base as the built-in apps so uses the same files and sync stuff.

Cacko or pdaX? When? Your guess is as good as mine.

Debian works, as you know, but I don't know about its PIM functions.

Reasons to go for c860 - ROMS, safer backup and emergency restore, no moving parts in hard disk to break.

Reasons to go for c3000 - built in hard disk, USB host, better keyboard, LARGE Japanese software included if you're interested.

I'm very happy I chose the 3000 over the 860. Huge hard disk means you can relax over internal storage.

USB host means I can use the same tiny 1GB USB memory stick on main PC, laptop and Zaurus. Just need to find the world smallest USB host connector to go with it.

There are no replacement ROMs for the C3000 now (?)

Can Ko/PI and Ka/PI be installed on the current 3000?

Yes I got KO/Pi running on my C3k (more for testing and "see it running" I dont realy need such a powerfull PIM app)
Thanks for the quick reply guys. I already more or less settled on the sl-c3000. Will order from Conics. I ordered my sl-c750 (the one I sold much to my regret) from them too...was a good experience.

Great that Ko/PI and Ka/PI also work on the 3000. My main issue is solved! Now I can continue to use Kontact on my debian laptop (actually a "harddisk-ified auditor security collection knoppix-derived live CD"-laptop...but debian is and sync it with the Z without problems (I hope at least...).

Who am I kidding, the first month will probably be spent installing debian or hacking pdaXrom on the 3000 - full and well knowing that spells trouble - trashing my ROM, freezing my device, forcing a reflash, breakin the CF and trying to revive a totally bricked 3000. But that can be fun too right;)

I might try qualendar too, if Ko/PI is too bloated, but I'm not sure about it's syncing abilities...

The default PIM apps provide basic functionality. But like other PDA's, if you need a really good PIM you'll need to look at other options. Once Sharp releases the "ROM" for the 3K the alternate kernels will follow pretty quickly.

Sharp already released the ROM...markpmc....

As for Cacko and pdaXrom, as I've noted in several other posts, Maslovsky and Laze both have said that they'll be getting around to creating a C3000 version if they get a C3000. Since both of them already have Z's they've indicated that our support ($$) will help them get one much sooner.

So, if at all possible, please consider making a donation to each if you're really interested. I and a few others have given $20 to each developer.

Considering how much I've already invested in my C3000, how much I got out of using Cacko on my old C860, and how much I'd get out of Cacko or pdaXrom if it was available for the C3000, I felt that this was a small price to pay....but this is just my opinion....

However, just be aware that the longer it takes Mas and Laze to get C3000's the longer it will take for them to release versions for us.... cool.gif


Sharp has released the kernel source code but I think until they don't make available for download an update ROM for the SL-C3000 it will be difficult to see alternative ROMs appearing. huh.gif
Actually, how you should reflash the unit? There are no initrd.bin and zImage available yet and a NAND backup/restore seems too dangerous to me.
I would be glad to help porting pdaXrom, Cacko or new other roms to the SL-C3000 but I think we should ask SHARP Japan to release an update ROM as soon as possible, maybe including also their latest software updates to Netfront and CF cards. wink.gif
Hi there,

I am sort of still undecided as to which model to go for (though I still lean toward the sl-c3000). What I want to do is this. Can you guys tell me if it is possible with the current sl-c3000 (either stock rom or full debian):

*Use as PIM and sync with Kontact. (what are your experiences of syncing Ko/pi and Ka/pi with your desktop linux box? Does it work flawlessly?)
*Write and compile latex documents. This one is rather important. I have found some solutions here and there, but I don't know if they work on the 3K. Would I be able to use (a menu-stripped) Kile on the full debian install?
*Wardriving/walking (Does Kismet/Wellenreiter work on the 3K? Are there GPS solutions for the 3K (via USB perhaps??)).
*Ethereal if possible...
*E-mail and WWW access (I guess this should be Okay).
*Just for fun and not really necessary: watching movies.

That's it.

Looking at the list, perhaps I should really go for the 860...(but I heard the keyboard on the 3000 is better and I do really like the included HD)? The price difference is not important (They are only around 120 euro apart). I would really like to chip in for the ROMs, I will look into that if I go for the 3000.


Can't comment on all your questions, but here's some feedback FWIW....

*Use as PIM and sync with Kontact. (what are your experiences of syncing Ko/pi and Ka/pi with your desktop linux box? )

Recently install and have used Ko/pi and Ka/pi on my C3000. Works great.

Haven't synced with linux box yet....

*E-mail and WWW access

Works well.

keyboard on the 3000 is better and I do really like the included HD

The keyboard/navigation keys are definitely better on the C3000 and the 4GB hard drive is very nice too.

I've had a C750 and C860 before C3000. Both are nice units too.

Have had C3000 for about 2.5 months and it's the best so far.


Thanks for your remarks archimark. Just a question. If you don't sync, aren't you afraid to loose all your data? Another question, because you can compare. The sl-750 I could still put in my pants pocket quite comfortably. Has the sl-c3000 grown much, or is it hardly noticeable in use?

Another question, where have yu bought. I thought I would order from Conics, because that's where I got my sl-c750 from, but they don't seem to reply to my mails (sent 3 since monday). That doesn't inspire confidence. And pricejapan is cheaper too apparently...

Thanks. Bye

I didn't say that I don't sync, just that I haven't synced with a Linux desktop box.... wink.gif

Also, I do backup regularly using tkcBackup..... cool.gif

As for size, the main thing I noticed is that the C3000 is a bit thicker, but after I had it a week, I don't think about it. It still fits in my shirt pocket, but no room for anything else in there....

As for purchase, I've bought all 3 Z's plus a Sony U101 laptop from Conics. All of those purchases went very smooth. Brett usually replies to emails promptly if he's around. Once in a while, he's out of town and then he may take a bit longer to respond.

However, once he's given me a ship date, he's always come through on time. Also, he's answered questions I've had after I received product. Although, he's not a substitute for a lot of what goes on here.


I got a c3000 for christmas to replace my sl-5500, which I sold shortly after. I paid about 800 dollars for my c3k, and it is a really cool device. However, I feel like the developers will never get around to making a third party rom for it. So I sold mine. I recieved payment yesterday and I'm shipping it out today. I have decided to try and get my hands on an sl-6000w, because it has built in bluetooth and wireless. Which leaves sd available for a 1gig storage card and CF free for GPS connectivity. However with the c3k I would have to switch out the cf card between bluetooth, wifi, and gps all the time. The c3k is an awesome piece of technology, the 4gig drive, the laptop form factor, the swiveling screen, are all kick ass, but I am far too attracted to the 6000w's myriad connectivity options and I have a soft spot in my heart for the 5500esque form factor smile.gif

Does anyone know where I can purchase a 6000w?

sackler at gmail dot com

With Debian and X/Qt, you can get Latex and Kile running. Check out the pinned thread at the X/Qt forum. There's a screenshot of it running on a 6000.

QUOTE(sackler @ Feb 4 2005, 04:05 AM)
I paid about 800 dollars for my c3k, and it is a really cool device. However, I feel like the developers will never get around to making a third party rom for it.

Well.. In OpenZaurus situation is simple: no one from team have SL-C3000 so we cannot work on supporting it. There are two ways:

1. some developer with that device should join us to do it (we will help him)
2. someone donate one device for us (like it was with SL-6000)

Probably work on SL-C3k will then start from kernel 2.6 because we have many parts of clamshell support in mainline kernel already and getting 2.4.20 works like 2.4.18 (all those patches which we use) will take more time then it's worth.
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