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Full Version: Photography Software?
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I found a piece of freeware for the PPC called Expose which can be found Here . Basically it is a simple program that allows the user to calculate the exposure (f-stop, shutter speed) for folks who use manual photography techniques. All the numbers generated are from commonly available tables and such.

Is there anything like this out there for the Z?

It seems like this would be a fairly easy process to do myself with a database. All it is is selecting film speed which adjusts a sliding scale of light values, and then plug the appropriate light value and the f-stop (or shutter speed) and the program will display the other value from a grid. Simple, but I don't have any DB experience.

While I am on the topic, is there any way to decompile a ppc program and port it to the Z (java or other)?

Camera Assistant aims to be an allround calculator for photographers & Cinematographers. It currently has the following features:
* Depth of field calculator.   
* Inverse Depth of field calculator. (Calculate what aperture you need for a given depth/distance & lens)         
* Field of view calculator.   
* Variants of the above, calculate distance to object or lens for a given field of view.   
* Database of TV cameras, Motion picture cameras and Still photography cameras.

And it is in OZ feed.
Yea, I forgot to mention that one. I have it and it is nearly a perfect program, however it lacks the specific functionality that I mentioned. It needs one more tab to do everything a photographer needs. I have tried contacting the developer through sourceforge, but he hasn't gotten back to me. I do have the source files for this program though, and I may start puttering with it. There will be a learning curve, but I am sure I can work it out eventially.

It's a great program with another minor problem. The formats stop at 6x9. That may be nice for you medium format shooters, but some of us like a slightly larger format. I use 4x5 and 8x10 (in inches!) personally and would love it if the author would add those to the formats... Other than that, a great program...
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