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Full Version: What's Better? Sl-6000 Or Sl-c860?
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I can't decide on which one of the above... your suggestions,rants and raves are welcome!
I've got a c860.

While I wouldn't mind having the Wifi and bluetooth built in, I honestly don't use them that much right now. So the 6000 is attractive, but only marginally.

I really prefer my c860 since the keyboard is excellent. It makes quite a bit of difference for me since I can type with my thumbs more comfortably.

I seem to remember that the memory layout/proportions are different between the models too.

I went through the same decision... got a c860 - haven't looked back, it seems much prettier from the photos, and i much prefer the minilaptop form factor.
my mind is made up.. al i need to do now is to find a good deal for a SL-C860!!! smile.gif
Actually thats what I thought too while I had my C750 and was debating buying the 6000 (because Amazon had it cheap).

So I went ahead andbought the 6000 too and then there was a huge debate which was a better optoion while I was using both models myself, an I did initially cinsider the C7xx form factor to be better off - looks wise and performance wise (better faster typing) etc.

But now after 2 months of using both, I seem to carry the 6000 out with me more often while the C750 stays at home. Thats because the wifi does come in handy sometimes (not that I need it too often) but the screen on the 6000 seems so much better outdoors and while I am on the move. The ruggedisation factor does help ease the mind too. And the 6000 seems more powerful as such and with a small portable USB keyboard at office, it performs as my mini-laptop running telnet, FTP, SSH and of course to rely on my personal email center.
To balance nilch's comments,

I like both for different reasons, but if I had to choose one it would be the clamshell. I need the device to be with me 24/7 and easily accessible (not in backpack). This is much easier with the clamshell. I like the fact that I don't have a need or want for an external keyboard. I haven't had too many times where the transmissive screen bothered me. Most of the time I used it indoors or in the shade with the light on high. There are also more ROM choices and more proven to work software for the device.

The one to consider is that a few of us have had the sound module die on us prematurely, but out of warranty.

The 6000 is my server, but if I had only the 6000 it would be more of a backpack device. It is nice and I don't think you will regret either.
Thanks for the additional comments. I'm a unix sysadmin by trade so I have access to (many) unix/linux boxen all day to do various things with. The SL-C860 will be more of a PIM initially but will also be used for remote access when the need arises, some emulation game play (mame), software development when in really remote areas tongue.gif, and i don't think i'll be using an external keyboard... so, i'm 100% geared for getting the 860...

If anyone does come across a good deal, please let me know. I'm currently bidding for one on eBay, hopefully I get it.

What is a good price to pay for one just btw?
these guys have the cheapest rates on the web
have fun with your c860, i am

Got mine from them last month. They were great. Fast delivery responsive email

Idiots guide to new c860.
1. It won't work if plugged in without battery
2. If you don't want to flash Roms right away there is a program on the Conics support page and zaurus software index that instantly shifts most of the 860 to English as long as you reboot. Even though it arives in Japanese you can be up and running in 5 minutes.

Korganizer looks much better font wise and is much more responsive on 860 as compared to 5600. No comparison for photos or videos
And here I was, all set to find a roaring flame war in progress. Padish Emp! We NEED you!! (G)

BTW - DO flash one NAND *right* away! The original that the C860 came with. Just in case. Been there, got the shirt.
Stirring the cinders of an old thread...

I have both devices. As a basic PDA, the C860 wins on account of software. Cacko 1.22a is a great ROM. It's compatible, beautiful and everything just works. The clamshell form factor is a winner in my book too.

The 6000 has the most beautiful display I have ever seen on a handheld. It is bigger, and has slightly higher resolution than the C860. The keyboard is layed out similarly to the SL5500's, but with a right-hand shift key in addition to the left hand one and with better action than the rather chintzy one the 5500 has. The built in Wifi is a big advantage for me. I have a 4GB microdrive stuck into the freed up CF slot, so the device gets closer than anything I've owned to a laptop replacement.

The 6000 software scene is beginning to pick up, but there is still a better selection of both basic OS and application software for the C7xx and c860s. I end up using the 6k more nowadays because I'm bouncing between the various new ROM choices testing them out and plotting how I'll fill up the microdrive.

I've posted elsewhere that my ideal device (for today) would be a clamshell Z with the 6K display, built in 802.11g and a built in microdrive. What I really want is Debian/arm, Qtopia, GPE and OPIE apps to work seamlesly on my device, whatever the hardware. Neither of these things are available today. I am patient. biggrin.gif
I believe the resolution is the same (640x480), but the extra size helps make things easier to view.

QUOTE(hbo @ May 18 2005, 01:21 AM)
...has slightly higher resolution than the C860.
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