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Full Version: Public Domain Movies For The Z
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Hi all,

I stumbled upon this site which has many public domain movies.
I think we could build a library with movies optimised for the Z.

any takers

Interesting. There's also some videos for small screens at

Most of them are commericals or previews, but some are short films.

I can never remember what to do in the events of Nuclear Fallout or Puberty.

Nuclear Bombs and "The Changing Body" are no longer a threat, as I can take these informative movies with me everywhere now.
Not all of these movies are PSA's and documentaries. Look at "White Zombie" for example. Despite what you might think there are entertaining public domain films.
Oh, I was just kidding. I actually have several CDs full of those PSAs. They are hilarious.
Wish I had some of the MST3K ones though.
i believe the www.archive site has a movie that is taken from a streetcar in san francisco as it crosses town in 1905-one year before the big quake-it's a pretty nice piece of historical data-the driving behaviors and animal-internalcombustion propulsion mix is interesting along with plain old watching dead men walking.
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