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Full Version: Squashfs 2.1r2 Module For Testing
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I am looking for feedback from anyone who would consider themselves a competent tester for a file system module aimed at the SL-C3000.

I have seen requests to get squashfs 2.1r2 running on the 3000 such that users could use dev-img. I built the original module posted on the Sharp ROMs section...

Unfortunately I don't have an SL-C3000 to test with and don't have any immediate plans to purchase one, however, the module build is relatively simple and is derived from a base Kernel source from the website with the squashfs file system patches applied.

In the interests of engaging someone who knows what they are doing I would like to state.

i. It goes without saying, use at your own risk but if you can help then I'm sure a lot of users would be thankful. I'll gladly pass on credit with usual disclaimers that your testing doesn't imply a fit for purpose.

ii. I'm posting only the kernel module. I presume if you know what you are doing then you will be able to do something with this. The mksquashfs tool can be built from the original sourceforge project. The module is uuencoded - this was necessary to get it to attach to this posting - you will need to successfully uudecode it PRIOR to installation.

Finally another note. I'm hoping that I'm conveying the importance of the tester being able to envisage potential problems with a problematical kernel driver and understand what rollback plans would be necessary to recover from potential problems experienced and that I'm asking them to take full responsibility for their participation in the testing. I would find it inappropriate to offer advice on recovery that may make the situation worse as I do not have a system to study before offering advice.


- Andy
As one of those C3000 owners, thanks for doing this, Andy!

I know just enough about all this to be dangerous.... rolleyes.gif

So I might be brave enough to try it if I get enough free time...

Otherwise, will have to hope that someone else in the group can do it...


Needless to say, if you do test please report your findings as fully as possible.


- Andy
OK, 5 downloads !, anyone managed to get this running ???? Come on, feedback please.
QUOTE(iamasmith @ Feb 7 2005, 01:14 PM)
OK, 5 downloads !, anyone managed to get this running ???? Come on, feedback please.

Not sure, if you're still looking for feedback. Anyway, I installed the fs today on my C3100 with Sharp Rom 1.01 JP and it works


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