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Full Version: Zaurus Accessories For Sale.
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The following are still available. The cradle, both SD cards and both cases. Everything else is sold. If you don'tlike what I'm asking, make a better offer. Now that my Z and most of my accessories are gone, I just want to dump this stuff.

I have for sale, the following accessories. Shipping for 1 item is $3.00, multiple items I will have weighed and let you know.

SOLD $15.00 each. Two 5xxx series rechargable batteries. Both hold a charge.

sold - MicroInnovations keyboard, also known as the PocketTop keytboard. only slightly used, great shape, works perfectly. I have personlay used this with several differnt PDA's, and it's intended to work with most PocketPC's and Palm Pilots as well as Z's.

$10.00 each.
SanDisk 128MB SD card. (ON HOLD)
SimpleTech 128MB SD card (ON HOLD)
Original Zaurus USB cradle.

$5.00 each
NiteIze PDA holster.
Targus zippered PPDA case. The Targus case sucks for carying PDA's, but it's awsome for carrying your pockettop and memory cards.

1 Original Sharp AC charger, $10.00, 1 replacement AC charger from casio, $8.00 Sharp AC is SOLD, Casio is on hold, waiting for M/O to arrive.

I also have some litle things I can throw in if someone want to pay a litle more like Sylii and earbuds.
check your inbox
i am interested in the cradle and/or batteries... have you already dumped this stuff?
<<checks the posting date>>
well.. lemme know =)
does the "NiteIze PDA holste" work good for a 5600? if so i am interested.
Just a litle post superbowl bump.

These are REALY good deals guys, 128MB SD cards for $10. Come on folks.
VeeDubb -

I sent you a PM about batteries.
Just an FYI, I purchased the keyboard and it was shipped and works great. Highly recommend this guy, very honest and fast.

(No affiliation except as a customer)
QUOTE(Omicron @ Feb 11 2005, 08:49 AM)
Just an FYI, I purchased the keyboard and it was shipped and works great.  Highly recommend this guy, very honest and fast. 

(No affiliation except as a customer)

Still wating for my AC adapter to arrive to Russia, but I can say he's indeed a nice guy to deal with smile.gif
Remember, that 6 to 7 days to russia is bussiness days, as in, Mon through Fri. So you're realy looking at a week and a half real time. Do let me knwo when it arrives.
I got the batteries! They were shipped promptly. Thanks VeeDub.
QUOTE(ThirtyOne @ Feb 20 2005, 04:13 AM)
I got the batteries!  They were shipped promptly.  Thanks VeeDub.

Glad to hear it.
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