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Full Version: First Zaurus, Sl5500 Or C3000?
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I am reading and learning wanting to get my first Zaurus.

I am eyeing the C3000 but am considering picking up a "gently" used zaurus, say maybe a sl5500 cheaply and continue learning with that before dropping down the bucks for the C3000.


Will my knowledge from the SL5500 immediately transfer to the C3000 or is the software completely different?

How much is a good clean SL5500 worth right now? I am watching some on Ebay, ideally I can get one and learn on it for a couple months and then sell it off when I get the C3000.

Thoughts, ideas?

Yes there are alot of software similarities between the two and I think it *is* a good idea to sample the zaurus with a 5500. The general system layout, installation of programs and many CF/SD card compatabilities are the same. Keep in mind there are many improvements to hardware that translate to differences in software.

The 640x480 screen of the 3000 makes web browsing and programs like kde pim pi a much more pleasant experience.

The 4gb HD of the 3000 keeps all your info even if you run down the battery. The 5500 will lose all info if you let the battery run down (you just restore from your regular backups).

usb host allows you to add many peripherals that the 5500 can only dream about (hard drives, keyboards, mouse....)
the 5500, however, has more Rom options. Oz works beautifully there, as does cacko, and the original sharp. I'm not sure you have anything working to play with but sharprom on the 3000. It is almost that way on the 6000 (what I use) and I'm dying for OZ to work out some bugs.
Very interesting comments....hmm now I'm wondering what the SL5500 is going for used? I hate usign Ebay as the only source of pricing information.

Any ideas? And damn the C3000 looks nice, sure would love to get one of those! :-)

Maybe then consider a 760 or 860; there's a reasonable software choice, you get the decent screen and keyboard, and can pick up good condition 760s and 860s at reasonable prices - Dynamism do ex-demo specials.

I'd go 5500, I have one and don't find it's lacking anything, though I don't do webbrowsing or videos. If you invest 200 Bucks, you will also have some accessoires with that, say, a Wifi-Card and an SD-Card or so...

I'd suggest getting a used SL-C700 if you can find one at a good price. It is a little limited on built-in memory, but memory cards are cheap. You'd would be able to see if you like the clamshell design and you would get the 640x480 screen which is awesome.

5500, 5600, C-700 it's hard to go wrong with any of these, so I imagine the budget and availability will probably dictate the purchase.
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