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Full Version: Ann: Zync-0.2.6, Zync-gui-0.1.2 Available
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February 7th 03:29 PM - I just released zync v0.2.6, KOrganizer Todo Plugin v1.0.2, and zync-gui v0.1.2. This series of releases provides a number of improvements in stability. It also provides single action Full Sync support, allowing people who have never synced their Zaurus before, or have just formated their Zaurus, or who have cleared the sync state of their Zaurus to synchronize as expected. For more information on the changes please check the ChangeLog section of the site. Grab the latest RPM or tar from the Download section.

February 7th 01:43 PM - I just released SuSE Linux 9.2 Cradle Synchronization Configuration v1.0.1. This updated version of the document now includes a portion within the Turning on the Zaurus section which covers how to handle SuSE 9.1 and 9.2 auto detecting the Zaurus as a modem. This version also has some typos fixed. Go grab the latest and greatest.

Go grab the latest RPMs are tars at in the Download section.

I have also been working on the KAddressBook plugin. Due to some lacking support features it is taking longer than expected. However, the KAddressBook plugin should be available very soon.
I note that the 760/860 models are not listed as supported on the web site. Has anyone tried this with a clamshell?

QUOTE(fir @ Feb 9 2005, 11:40 AM)
I note that the 760/860 models are not listed as supported on the web site.  Has anyone tried this with a clamshell?


I do not know about the 760/860 models specifically. However, it should work with any of the Sharp based ROMs that use the DTM method for storing their PIM data.
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