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Full Version: Another 5" Screen Pda From Sony
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from the trenches at CES

Posted this in general forums though - because there are a lot of similarities with the zaurus - is functianility.

The price threw me off though - a whopping $2000 USD.

If Sony thinks it can market this device for that price, what made Sharp give up its Zaurus efforts in the US ?
a great device for $900, if you can put debian on it. (or imagine an OE system on a 1.1 ghz processor hehehehe)

For $2000 w/ winxp absolutely no way.

still.... the microlaptop concept is getting underway smile.gif and i like it.
For $2k, you can get either an OQO with winXP (which actually has a keyboardin addition to a touchscreen), or a tricked out 12" PowerBook. I don't see the point of this.
the U750P has a faster CPU and more memory than the OQO
here is a forum :
er... for $2000 you can get a laptop (from ebay), a z 5500 and a vacation. Just to put it in perspective. A handheld for much over $600 is really pushing it imho. some are worth it, I suppose, but when you get into price ranges that will buy a less ostentatious handheld AND a decent laptop the actual value of the purchase should really be examined. And the 1st question asked should be "what am I paying for?"
I agree; It is a great idea, but way overpriced for what you get! For the cost of that critter, I would get several very nice items: An 860 with all the accesories, a sub-notebook, and a new ham radio (everything can't be computer related rolleyes.gif ). I wouldn't consider something like that unless it was in the same price range as the sub-notebooks I am considering.
people seem to be forgeting something here.

for example-

I need something i can whip out and write out or draw out my ideas for one. the other thing is inputing text- something easy to use like a querty keyboard built into it for fast typing. Battery power- would love to see something last at least 20 hours streight! PIM application synchronizable to any device via export just like kopi. last but not least, wifi, bluetooth, gaming, mediaplayer, or files transferable and usable on a pc, thin, and

this sony pda is not all that.
QUOTE(Cresho @ Feb 13 2005, 04:02 AM)
this sony pda is not all that.

Curious Aardvark
It's just a small tablet pc - utterly useless (well ok, just not very useful then :-) without a built in keyboard - I'll stick to my 860 thank you very much :-)
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