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I'm trying to determine what would give me the most flexibility for backups and restores. Is tkcBackup the only full-blown application that lets you do selective backups/restores? What are some of you using, other apps, scripts, manual processes?
Its so easy to burn an NAND that I don't even bother with selective or incrimental backup on the C860. If I need individual files from the NAND, they can be gotten (thanks to Stu & others) using my Knoppix drive setup. Best of all worlds, IMHO.
I use tkcbackup and I am pretty happy with it, but I occasionally do the stock ways of backing up. I found tkc very useful when upgrading ROMs or backing up on the fly. It can make such a small foot print for the backup.
I use tkcBackup too and I've been pretty happy with it. The best thing about tkcBackup is that the file format is just a standard ZIP file. And, of course, there are plenty of tools on every platform to handle those.

Before tkcBackup, I was using a command-line based backup script that I wrote. It used ZIP for the actual backup and a text file that defined what to backup. It used ZIP's "update" feature to make quick incremental backups. It was pretty simple, flexible, and completely free. I had started thinking about writing a GUI to edit the backup manifest but then tkcBackup came out so I just started using that. In any case, a script like this is another option for you.

And tkcBackup takes the early lead...

I've not heard much from theKompany lately, are they still supporting their Zaurus products?

Bluedevils &/or Raybert have either of you received updates to tkcBackup or are there no open issues to be addressed?
Actually they are up to 3.1 I think. I havn't bought the upgrade (v3) as I am happy with version 2, but they seem to be actively supporting it currently.
For my Open Zaurus, I use ozone (get it at , the original site is down). Makes backups, or a flashable ROM for easy restoration smile.gif No individual files, though, but easy.
I use tkcBackup too...

I've had good luck using unison, which is really a synchronization tool. It's very flexible and secure, if you use ssh. Works on multiple OS' too.
theKompany still seems to be supporting the Zaurus so far... they recently released a new version of the tkcMedia player for instance.
theKompany is still supporting the Zaurus...

Several updated versions of their apps have been released recently..

Their mailing list is still active too...

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