Hi all. This is a poll to see what priority I should use for developing plugins for Zync. I started out developing plugins for the KDE desktop originally because it seemed a lot of people use it. After getting deep into the KDE API and finding that I do NOT like it (no offense to the KDE developers) for a large number of reasons. I have looked at the Evolution documentation for the API and it looks a hundred times better than the KDE API.

Anyways, I have already written the KOrganizer To-Do plugin for Zync and started developing the KAddressBook plugin as well. In the process of developing the KAddressBook plugin I have run into a large number of problems dealing with the KDE API. Hence, I decided to look at the Evolution API and like it much better. Actually, I have also decided that I like using Evolution more than I like using Kontact.

Despite all of this, I want to develop what the people want. Hence, I am requesting your input on which plugins you want me to develop first.

Andrew De Ponte