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Full Version: Virtual Pc 7 Vs Bochs
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Branislav Jankovic
Hy to everybody,
I need to run PC programs on my new iMac G5. Does anyone now the difference between Virtual PC 7 and BOCHS? Where can I find some tests on both?
Virtual PC will be many times faster than BOCHS.
QUOTE(JohnKiniston @ Feb 11 2005, 12:16 AM)
Virtual PC will be many times faster than BOCHS.

I also just upgraded to an iMac-G5 1.8GHz machine with 1GB RAM. I have VPC 6 running on my Powerbook G5 1.33GHz with 768MB. I usually allocate half of my memory to VPC, so it's currently running with 384MB.

Would anyone be able to tell me how much of a performance boost I'm going to get from VPC7 on my iMac versus what I have on my Powerbook? I'd like to run VS.NET on my iMac (for work reasons ONLY!!), but it's such a resource hog I'm not even sure my iMac G5 could run it through VPC7. And, I'd hate to spend $129 on VPC only to find out it's still too dang slow.

Curt, I believe VPC7 is optimised for the G5, so I'd imagine it would be a wee bit faster.

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