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Full Version: Lighttpd
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if it can be ported to arm that is.
I wonder how this compares to thttpd (tiny httpd)? I noticed it has auth. That's cool.
thttpd supports basic authorization too. I never found a htpasswd binary for the Z (to allow the creation of a .htpasswd file on the Z), but I copied over a .htpasswd created under linux and it worked fine. Apache offers more flexibility, but thttpd did the job for me.
do a search on my posts. I was lead to the httpasswd from the pocketworkstation distro. I suspected thttpd had auth but I had already moved to apache.
Oooops.Didn't mean to insult your intelligence, Bluedevils.
I confess that I did not read your 443 posts to check if you needed the info.
Sorry that didn't come out right. I wasn't taking offense. I was only adding another source for getting the htpasswd. smile.gif

I liked thttp alot. When I couldn't find htpasswd binary with it, I went to the apache package. I couldn't find it in the apache package either, but by then I had already moved to apache and was too lazy to switch back.
I understand. It is not easy to express oneself with blurbs of text an occasional icon.

Regarding servers for the Z, I think it would be pretty useful to summarize what is available and document configuration/setup issues. I had to go on a wild goose search to find out, and I am sure you did too. Maybe we can start a draft and capture some info.
For what it is worth:

lighttpd wasn't out at the time, so I used "boa" - which was lightweight and had CGI, and compiled easily for the Z.
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