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Full Version: Pim Just Like Microsoft Outlook
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This may be my last shot at keeping my C860. I want a PIM just like Microsoft Outlook. The most import feature is the ToDo list which is tied to the calendar. I need to be able to view my task as they appear on a day by day basis. I don't want a laundry list of every task til the end of time.

I've tried several with TheKompany being somewhat the best but none have fit the bill.

Is there a ROM out there that I need to try. I've been using Cacko 1.22.

This has been the major stumbling block that has kept me from enjoying this beautiful PDA.
Have you tried the KDE PIMs?. If you are using Cacko try installing korganizer, kaddressbook, etc. from the feed.
I've tried it. It wasn't as good as TheKomany's; will not repeat reoccurring task.
Sounds like you are after a very specific feature of a todo list more than a combined Calendar and Todo app. Qualendar is a combined Calendar and Todo app, but since it is based on the Sharp DTM PIM engine the Todo side is still fairly basic.

I would have thought that an all day event set as reoccurring would do a similar job to a reoccurring todo item.
You could always put a feature request (reoccurring todos) with the kde pim pi project and it wouldn't be totally out of line because the original desktop kdepims have them.
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