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Full Version: Compiling Qtopia
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Hi all.

I've been looking at Qtopia 2.1 and have been thinking about giving compilation a shot for my YP3700. I downloaded:


And am using Ubuntu, ok now I'm stuck. I can't really modify the system I'm using, but I can create a VM for development. Where should I start, is there a howto which isn't seven trillion pages long in Aramaic? I've searched and read some stuff but my eyes get heavy and I nod off or it goes right over my head. I'm not much of a programmer, made it as far as C/C++ and then stopped many years ago ;-) GUI stuff and I'm lost. LOL!

I don't know how to tell what's relevant and what isn't, what's worth reading and what isn't.

Can someone with a kind heart and good spirit point me to a good place to start, what I need, what to read? I'm keen to learn.

Cheers ;-)
Qtopia 2.1 does not use tmake, and ships with qmake, and builds it when you configure.

read this.
You can skip the part about building qt3, unless you need translation/languages.
LOL! See? not a clue ;-)
Oh, now THAT's nice!

Easy when you know how ;-) Thanks ipotter, you king of Qtopia!

I'll have a good play then move onto stage 2 - cross compiling for my YP3700.
biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
lpotter, does Qtopia 2.1 now includes patches form sash? he told me there were a few problems that he ran upon when building it for 5500...
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