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Full Version: Encodings Detection Under Python
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i'm writing an app that is using lots of encodings in and out.
so... i prefer to use utf8.
i'm on pdaXrom, with TTF fonts under Xterm, so there's not much trouble for me,

1. how does UTF8 output seen on cacko sharp ? e.g. with the "unifont" font.
2. how do i detect the UTF/unicode/encoding of the terminal?

so far i did something like

but it gave me cryptic "ANSI_X3.4-1968",
both on non-TTF and TTF virtual terminals :-(

also, i'd like it to work on non virtual terminal ph34r.gif but that's something completely different.
BTW: i'm looking for a SQLite (or pysqlite) with soundex support
(for the above dictionary, of course).
alternatively, i'll have to compare each entry in the DB to the soundex in python, and that (most probably) quite stupid, in terms of time.

if someone have such a version, please let me know
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