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Full Version: Welcome, Tar Heels
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If you own a Zaurus and live in the tar heel state, this is the place for you.

I own an SL-5500 and I am constantly playing with different ROMs and apps. I am always amazed by what it can do. With the addition of the Zynergy ROM, this PDA/mini laptop has become a very worthy replacement to the Handspring PDA I used to own.

I have always been impressed with the friendliness and willingness to help in the small section of the Linux and Zaurus community that I've experienced thus far. I am looking forward to forging friendships with new people.

I am currently working for a "small dictatorship" - the USPS (no flames, please) and always working with the Linux environment. I love it and couldn't do without it. With that in mind, I know a thing or two about Linux and what it can do. I hope to learn a few more things that are possible with this powerful environment.

On that note, If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please do not hesitate to post them here.

Welcome to the North Carolina ZUG.
Glad to be a part of the group!

As for myself, I do not yet own a zaurus, but I am ordering a SL-C760 in mid-july from conics. I've been with linux since the late 90's, and know a few things, but no guru by any means.

I've been lurking around various forums for awhile and am definately impressed, as qwomack said, with the close-knit zaurus community, no doubt because of the fact the zaurus runs on linux and is so friendly to flashing new ROMs. I also used to own a handspring (a visor edge), but I broke the POS carrying it around in my pocket, even tho i had a rhino case and everything. It really wasnt anything more than a really expensive adressbook for me anyways, altho i got into avantgo at the end. I'm really looking for something more from a PDA, and I'm pretty sure a c760 can provide that for me (I can't wait for mobile apache/mod-perl/mysql on the go!)

I'm a bit out of the triangle myself, living in fayettville, but I've actually made the commute to RTI a few times for TriLUG meetings, w00t.

Glad to be a part of the group and I hope we can do some neat stuff in the future!
Add one more to the hoarde.

I'm in Charlotte, had my Zaurii for a while now and drooling over the C7x0 series. I want one, I need an excuse laugh.gif

I use my Zaurus for mainly technical stuff. I get a real kick out of porting software and doing "stuff" for the OpenZaurus project.

Speak to y'all later.
I'm here

Just ordered a Zaurus. Hope it arrives soon.

I'm in fayetteville

Anybody ever get together with their zauruses

Good to see I'm not the only one. Though it's still a bit bare around here, isn't it... smile.gif This makes three of us in Fayetteville; looks like we're the highest concentration in the state...
hey pHluid ... we'll have to have a FayZUG meeting or somethin like that... unforetunetly tho im gettin headin to head home until after the first of the year... keep me posted tho!
Name a time and place. wink.gif
Well, I bought my c760 :-D
Hey, I just moved to the state and own a 5500. I'm waiting for my 6000 to arrive and I set up/service 40 5500's for my company. I'm roundabouts Northern Raleigh so if you see my driving with my Z hanging from the passenger sun visor: honk, wave, or run into me... pick 2.
Charlotte area to the Zaurus but have been working with Unix, various Linux distros, BSD as a hobbyist for several years.

My ultimate goal for my Zaurus is a handy "pocket rocket" tool for network testing and admin, as well as light PIM duty.
Howdy. Another Fayetteville person here (gf's in the AF, Pope). I've been a Unix fan since the late 80's.. worked with SunOS, Solaris, BSD's, and more recently, Linuxes.

I've had a Z6000L for several months now.. been waiting to get my GPS working with it so I can use it in the car.

I got the Z for

- sysadmin while on the road without having to carry a laptop (reminds me; I need to pick up a USB/serial kit, and the various doodads to connect to Cisco consoles, etc)
- GPS navigation while travelling
- store lots of references as e-books (pdf's, html, .docs, etc) instead of carrying dead trees (Perl, Juniper, PHP, Cisco, MySQL, etc)
- address book

Now that OZ 3.5.3 is out, I'm hoping to finally get my Earthmate working.

So if you see a gray Eclipse GTS with a Z on the visor.. that might be me.
And here I thought I was the only zaurus user in Fayetteville. Good to see I am not alone here. If you ever see someone with a red 5500 in a black piel frama case, that would, in all likely hood, be I.
Dang! this area seems to be dead. I'm wondering if there are any Z users in NC?
QUOTE(Cyberdoc1971 @ Nov 16 2006, 12:54 AM)
Dang! this area seems to be dead. I'm wondering if there are any Z users in NC?

Yup, here's another Z user in Raleigh. I've been using a 5500 and recently upgraded to a SL-C1000. I've been trying to install pdaXrom and am having some trouble. Thought I'd turned the thing into a brick a couple of times, but I've found that's pretty hard to do. Hopefully I'll figure this thing out soon.
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