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Full Version: Bye Zaurus And Be Well.
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Well, I'm done!... at last, I had to take a decision and I made it... I sold out my Z5500 and think that it is now in better hands that mine, because its new owner is a Systema administrator who works on linux.

I have to say that it was a little sad choice, because I was a strong believer of the Zaurus and its potential, but, I had to say that the device evolved to a very specific profile of owners because the kind of software and the somewhat dark tricks knowledge required to could use it.

I'm still believe in linux and for desktop use I continue with it, but for the more common user uses like Effective PIM, mail management and sync for users that dont work all the time on a desktop or dont have permanent quality internet connections, fair and easy linux sync of mail and pims, and software for other uses than systems administration or related, and by the way for people who wants to use something that dont came from M$, IMHO the real option may be a palm (T3 in my case...)

I had to say that I really like and appreciate the kind of nice, clear and polite help and manners on the forums of people like Lardman, that always have patience and will to help new users that didnt have knowledge deep of linux, on other hand like an user that came from outside linux, and who remember some replies to other users, I would like to say that If we beleive in linux as a choice for the real world, we have to have patience to teach and share the knowledge, but if somebody didnt believe in that kind of patience may be better to restrict the bad mood replies that makes angry and dissapointed the new users that want to believe in alternatives to the empires and who spend their money in buy a zaurus and hopes that they could use it well.

Anyway, I have to say that my time around a Zaurus was somewaht funny with some bither moments sometimes, but this is the way that the life is... I'm may consider again Zaurus in the future but that may be when I could see a good common user support and easy of use.

all in all, Thank you very much for all the help and advices that I received, and hope that Zaurus could stay rising well and could be a better and real choice for the common users around the world.

Again, Thanks you very very much to all the friends around here and best regards!

Best wishes to you Xaser and I hope that the Zaurus will continue to evolve to the point that it draws you back again in the future.

You are right that we need to keep working to make the Z easy to use for novice users and a rock solid user experience (adding software, syncing, upgrading OS, adding peripherals, etc.).
Good luck to you Xaser.

As nathan says, hopefully we'll be able to lure you back in the future :-).

All the best,

Curious Aardvark
strange man - Having seen and or used most of the pdas around and never having used or had much inclination to use linux on a desktop I have to say that my 5500 was the simplest pda to use I've ever seen. The qtopia pim are great, One of the reasons I bought a 860 was that my 5500 is looking the worse for wear. I've worn most of the silver off the edges the keyboard cover is cracked and last time i switched it on I thought I Could see a bit of dim screen in one corner. (lmao that's right I'm not selling it it's my backup pda)
But at no point did I ever find it hard to use or difficult to synchronise.
A pain in the arse when you change the battery and it spontaneously reset - but that's pretty much it.

Oh well each to their own :-)
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