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Anyone seen this

A new German firm called Road brings a new (Nokia Communicator like) Smartphone with Qtopia but you can also have it with WinCE or Symbian here is my translation of the important stuff:

- LINUX Kernel 2.6.x
- Qtopia Graphic user interface


- CPU Intel Xscale PXA 263 with400 MHz
- RAM 64MB RAM, 64MB Flash
- Akku Lithium Polymer 1500mAh,

- GSM quadband (850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz) with EDGE
- Bluetooth
- IRDA infrared module

- USB 2.0, Mini-USB (dont know about Host funkion
- SD-Card

- GSM-Phone-Mode
- Display: LCD monochrome 102x65 pixel
- Keybord: 20 Keys Standard-Layout

- PDA-Mode
- Display: Color-TFT 640x240 Pixel with Touchscreen
- Keybord: 63 Keys

the screen may be a bit smal but the other stuff look very nice
Damn that exactly what i need ! =P I hope they wont stay "german only" or whatever the company is smile.gif

I emailed them today to know if thats going to be available in Canada (and elsewhere).

They have an english page too
That looks quite interesting. I did wonder about one of the Nokia communicator devices at one point, but the thing that put me off it (and the same with this device) is the screen form factor... not too keen on the fact that they are so much wider than they are tall...

Still interesting device... will be interesting to see what the L101 model is like when they get that one out... it says that it will have a larger keyboard so perhaps the screen will also be of different dimensions? Worth keeping an eye on...

That is a REAL convergence device. Beautiful!!!
QUOTE(adf @ Feb 18 2005, 11:30 AM)
That is a REAL convergence device. Beautiful!!!

Absolutely! Finally someone figured out its time to put it all together. Too bad it was not Sharp as I like hanging around these boards. This device however will be imposible to resist.
AACK! Nooooooo!

I will *NOT* be able to resist this phone for longer than 15 seconds or so.
It is kind of big for a phone (128x60x25), but my current Nokia 3600 is hardly much smaller (~125x~55x~25)

The half-vga screen would be moderately troublesome, software wise, but with built in WiFi, BT, and an SD slot this will be a very tough device to beat.

My wallet hurts already. I almost hope it *doesn't* come to Canada. tongue.gif
It does indeed look great. There are some things holding me back though:

-my newly bought c3000 should arrive tomorrow...
-it are apparently still computer drawings. Need to see a real device first (or prototype).
-no swivel screen.
-not totally convinced of the integrated GSM thingy. I like my cellphones small, and when I do want to get on the Internet with my PDA I want to use wifi or connect to the cell using bluetooth.

But still a very nice concept. (the keyboard looks especially nice)
The USA is so behind on cell phones we'll probably see this in two years if at all tongue.gif

But it does look nice. Not sure if I'll be convinced to switch away from my very tiny flip-Motorola phone, since when I want to browse the 'net I'm not sure I really *want* something much smaller than the 640x480 Zaurus screens...
From a German news site:

To information of the manufacturer the ROAD S101 is to come in October (2005) on the market. The price will be then scarcely below 1400 euro

It would be almost the perfect convergence device if it makes it out of vapor stage. Such a tiny company might have problems expanding into global markets. I hope other companies follow this trend.

To me, the perfect device woud be a PMA400 with built-in keyboard and phone. smile.gif
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