Please can anyone tell me of *any* CF WiFi cards that will load up HostAP drivers *automatically* in pdaXrom ??

I bought a Senao (Prism) CF card - NL2511 CF Mercury - but pdaXrom loads it up using Spectrum drivers, I *think* it was. Anyway, I cannot get it to run on HostAP drivers. I've tried editing the usual config files with the cards manfid etc etc & binding it to hostap, without any luck.

So, what *will* load up with hostap straight away in pdaXrom??

Maybe a Linksys WCF12 ??

Or an Ambicom WL110C ??

Could anyone that uses one of these cards please let me know if it's always used Hostap by "default" or even if they had to force it to use Hostap, how you did it?

Thanks in advance for *any* help/ideas.