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Full Version: I Want My Kompany Rom Back!
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I had the Kompany rom running on my SL-5600. It worked. It was a little slow, but everything worked. I had Opera and Hancom Sheet and they worked just fine. My Linksys WCF12 worked on my multiple networks with no reconfiguring for each one. Then I made a silly mistake. I wanted to try another rom. Zynergy didn't seem to have anything to configure the network. OZ-qpe didn't have the module for my network card. OZ-opie crashes when running Konqueror and won't run Opera at all. Sharp doesn't connect to the network. I want the Kompany rom back, but the link on their site is broken. I've been seeing that a lot lately. Sharp took down the community site and broke a lot of other sites. I emailed the webmaster at Kompany, but the problem hasn't been fixed in the week since I emailed. They didn't reply with a new link. I can find the 5500 version elsewhere, but I can't find anything that suggests that the 5600 version even exists. I know it does because I was running it until a few days ago. Does anyone have a copy, or at least know where I can find one?
Not so good!

It doesn't look like you're going to have much luck with downloading that rom. Maybe someone else has the files you need and can send them to you. I wouldn't hold my breath, though, because Proto is long disappeared, and so the rom is not being developed or supported.

You don't mention if you have tried the watapon rom. Have you read this thread:

There seems to be a fair amount of activity around it. I would suggest that since that rom is being actively developed, and like the tkc rom is sharp based, maybe that might be an option for you?

I assume you didn't know that you can take a nand backup? You could have taken a backup of your whole system before you started experimenting.

You don't say which processor type you have, PXA250 or PXA255. Take a look at this page:

There is a nand backup file there which is based on tkcROM. You need to write to the owner and ask for the link. You could use that to get back to where you were, so long as you have the correct processor, read carefully and heed the warnings!

Good luck,

Thanks. Watapon solved all of my problems. Everything works, it runs fast, and it even looks nice. Now I can take my iPaq back to the store for the second time and leave it.
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