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Full Version: HELP - Need Advise on Converting my C760 to English!
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Just got my C760 today from Conics...

It looks great but need some help converting to English...

Hope someone can help me get going here...

I've printed out conversion instructions from Conics website and some of the other ones he had links to...each one is a bit different of course so hard to know which one to go by... ;-)

Anyway, did manage to

A. Install the Zaurus apps that install in Windows

B. Using one of those apps, Zaurus Drive, I copied over the Terminal app install file over to the Install folder on the Zaurus.

Then I wanted to actually install the Terminal app but don't know how to do it as the 760 is in Japanese right now!

Also, wanted to use the Zaurus Backup app as recommended in the instructions to do backup to my PC before I mess around with conversion on 760. But when I tried using the Backup app nothing seems to happen even though I click on the various buttons in the windows....

According to one set of instructions there's supposed to be a file available from Erwan's website Kaidan(?) that has a file to run the Backup app in English. However, the link to that site doesn't seem to work...

So can anyone advise me as to deal with the above and get my 760 converted so I can use it!!


New C760 Owner

thanks for the replies guys!

Meanwhile I figured out how to install the Terminal app by searching around 760....found the Install folder and tapped the icon for the Terminal install file!

Then opened Terminal per Conics instructions to change language from Japanese (ja) to English (en). Weird thing was for me was trying to delete an any letters that I didn't want. Backspace key (<-BS) wouldn't act as delete key. Even tried pressing Function (Fn) key and pressing backspace key as it says Del above it. But no deleting.

Would be good to know for future how to delete a letter if you want in Terminal or is the only way to do it, is to overwrite it?

Anyway, managed to edit file, save, and reboot per Conics. Now it is in English!

Feel much better now!!

you may not have gotten any replies as there aren't many people who have their 760's yet. I won't be getting mine until this saturday

now that you've figured it out though, might I suggest that you write up some more detailed instructions. that way you can help others who ordered from conics

good luck with it!
Try this:

As you can see >>press "cancel" key for command mode, "x" delete under cursor).<<

Also take a look at this:
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