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Full Version: Quake Ghost Icons
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When I'm finishing a quake game, the quake icon stays in the taskbar. No quake process is running. If I click on this ghost icon, quake starts again.

The only way to get rid of the icon is to restart QTopia.

I'm using a C860 with Cacko 1.22 lite and quake (full version) from Cacko feed.

Does anyone know, how to stop quake from creating ghost icons?

Maybe add an "exit" to the end of the script?

If your desktop entry is just running Quake, change it to point at a script that runs Quake then exits.

Should take care of the icon if you dont mind the extra hoop.
I've been trying to solve this problem as well. This thread tumnus talks about this problem:

So, Qtopia is not aware that quake has exited. I have not been able to find a qcop message or some other way of letting Qtopia know that Quake has exited, which results in the "ghost" icon. Putting an 'exit 0' or otherwise in the script has not solved this problem for me. I think that the Quake binary needs to be recompiled to solve this one.
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