I'm playing around with the cross-compile toolchain at nautilus6.org, testing it out by compiling Mille Bornes from bsdgames.

It works all right on my machine (c3000), but I'd like to know if it works elsewhere. In particular, I can't remember whether or not the libncurses (/lib/libncurses.so.4.2) is the stock one or if I got it from an ipk somewhere (I think it's stock because I don't see anything curses-related in 'ipkg list', but I installed and uninstalled a lot of random stuff when I first got the Z.)

The binary (no ipk) is at http://www.taedium.com/zaurus/mille-arm.exe.

It's an old game so it doesn't deal with large fonts/small screens -- too narrow and you lose the right (scoreboard) side. Too small of a screen will seg fault.