I don't know if this would be better in another section...

I'm using the SL-6000L and attempting to connect to a Harmony 8551 (802.11b) access point. The 6000's internal radio will connect to the Harmony, but won't pass packets to the router.

I tested this by using the CF Harmony wifi card in the 6000...and it worked fine!

If someone can point me in the right direction...maybe there are some settings I can add for the internal radio that will allow packets to be passed using the Harmony AP.

If no advice about changing settings/drivers, maybe some recommendations for an access point that works with the Z's internal radio.

I appreciate it!

[edit] I forgot to add...I've tried using the internal radio with friends AP's (SMC, Linksys) and it seems to work OK...only with the Harmony does it seem to have problems. [/edit]