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updated on Mar. 9, 2005 -->>

Hi to all,

I have officially sold the 5500, but I have the following items left to sell:
Power adapter and cradle - make an offer - may try my luck on Amazon, so respond soon
512MB CF card - Lexar brand - $30 + $2 for shipping and Deliv. Conf. in the US or $5 for priority and Deliv. Conf. in US - international shipping will need to be estimated based on country
64MB SD card - DaneElec brand - $10 shipped or add $3 if you want priority in US - international will need to be estimated based on country

Todd Russell
QUOTE(groovechicken @ Feb 25 2005, 12:51 AM)
Hi to all,

I have a 5500 that I'm thinking about selling.  It has been a great piece of hardware for me, and still has great battery life, but as of late, I have only been using the mp3 player on it, as I got a GBA for games and haven't needed to use the pim features as much with my current job.  I have the original box and documentation, as well as the included ac adapter.  I also have a CF to PCMCIA adapter and a PCMCIA Proxim wireless card that works well with it if you would be interested in that.

Anyway, I'm thinking I'd be better off at this point with an iPod and maybe either a cheapo Palm for alarm functions or no pda at all.  If you want more details before making an offer, just send an email to groovechicken at the domain  Thanks for looking!

Todd Russell

Well how much do you want for it?
Okay, I think I've settled on what I really want to make on this. So, here are the prices for the things I have. If you need to negotiate, send your counter-offer, but be aware these will go to the best offer I get within the next day or so, because I really want to get a 1G iPod mini before they are all gone! If you want to see my eBay feedback, my eBay id is toddnmary. I have a good rep on the lowend Mac swaplist and could give references if need be.

$120 for complete 5500sl with original box and accessories
$10 for CF to PCMCIA adapter
$10 for Proxim PCMCIA wifi card - excellent range and low power usage(lower than many CF wifi cards)
$35 for 512MB CF card - Lexar brand 4X speed - only a few months old
$15 for 128MB CF card - Viking brand - not sure on speed, less than a year old
$8 for 64MB CF card - SimpleTech or Edge brand
$10 for 64MB SD card - DaneElec brand

I can't sell all the CF cards because I need to keep 2 of the 64/128s for my digital camera. At this point, I'm only interested in selling cards as a bundle with the Z, but will sell some individually after the Z is paid for by someone.

The only 2 things you need to be aware of are that there are some scuffs on the plastic around the screen from the cover rubbing it in my case, which is a cell phone stretchy kind that puts the squeeze on it a little. A very light scuff is also on the bottom left of the sliding part.

There is also a shadow that show up on the screen that is cause by a very faint apparent imperfection in the plastic of the screen on the inside. It is only even noticeable when the screen behind it is white or light in color. In normal circumstances, I never even notice it. I am attaching 3 pics to show what I'm talking about. If they don't show up right, email me and I'll send them to you.

Todd Russell
Click to view attachmentClick to view attachment[attachment=346:attachment
Looks like I'll also be able to sell my FM transmitter, as I went ahead and ordered the iPod and picked up a Griffin transmitter that they had a deal on. So, if anyone is interested in an FM transmitter, I'll sell it for $10 and could sell you 4 AAA Rayovac rechargable batteries with it for another $8. I think they list for $11 a pack at WalMart, but these have only been recharged a few times and have only been used with the transmitter - it uses 2 at a time. I'll email you the details on the tramsitter if you're interested - it's out in my car right now and I'm feeling lazy. smile.gif

Also, since I have officially purchased the iPod, this Z absolutely must go. I'm not in as big a rush as I was since the iPod is on the way, though, so feel free to email with questions as I'm able to take my time dealing on this now.


BTW, here some are details I forgot in the original post(I finally read the sticky for this forum).
- Located in Covington, LA and willing to ship anywhere. If you're outside US, I'll have some questions to ask before agreeing to a sale.
- Prefer Paypal
- Can't remember how old this is. I've been using it for about a year and I bought it used for a pretty penny back then.
Still have your SL-5500? I'm interested but I can't pay more than $100. Sent you a PM yesterday abou it. Let me know if you've still got it for sale.

See top message for status update.
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