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Full Version: Speed Comparison
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I'm sure this would be very useful for everyone...
Could someone with a bit more knowledge in this area give us a comparison of flash memory please?
I'm thinking of: CF, SD, MMC, possibly others for reference (SM? miniSD? CF-Microdrive? RS-MMC?), and their ultra high speed variants.

Also, what speeds are the Zaurii capable of (and any differences)?

It seems that there is more info on this forum than I could originally find...

Excellent CF/SD/CFMicrodrive benchmark tests by kopsis
CF vs SD
Regular SD vs High Speed/Ultra SD

The general consensus is:
- CF should always be faster than SD.
- CF microdrives are a bit slower than solid state CF, but not by much.
- All SD runs in MMC mode (serial), so normal SD is still slower than it should be.
- Ultra SD usually makes very little difference (though some people have noticed significant changes- see next point).
- Differences in speed are usually due to the overall quality of the card.
- The speed drops when the processor is under load.
- SD speed drops dramatically when the processor is under load.
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