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Hi All,

I've been quite successful installing most applications that I originally planned to install when I first got my Sl-6000. Well one complete crash and test of OZ and a re-install of Stock Rom and all my favorite apps, I'm still wondering if a music creation program is possible. On the Stock Rom or not besides C-sound.

I'm extremely excited about an application called PDa based on PD a variation of Max/MSP.
I got it to install on OZ, but never was able to start the program. Let me know if you are currently playing around with this. Real Time sound synthesis, ooohh nice. Think this would work on X/QT?

Another interesting music creation app, this one a little more hard to explain, called Boodler
Anyone got this up and running? I'm lost were to put the files an how to install. Seems less about creating a sequence then feeding a program sounds so it can automatically create soundscapes.

I just NEED A DRUM MACHINE / Tracker on the zaurus like CheeseTracker!
The Zaurus can do music I know it can.
Can someone show me some scripts to play back mutliple tracks at once, or some more advanced sound function within the terminal??? pretty please.

ohhh i would love to have like multitrack rec or playback that would be neat.
I've had a go at compiling some music apps for pdaxrom. Here are my experiences:

Cheesetracker - requires scons, which is a python-based build system. Haven't managed to install scons, although to be honest I haven't tried very hard. Any python experts willing to package up scons for pdaxrom?

Soundtracker - works although a bit slow. Doesn't update the display when playing back music. On pdaxrom unstable feed.

Beast ( - a modular synth program with built-in sequencer. Seems too slow to use. On pdaxrom unstable feed.

Buzztard ( - alpha, doesn't compile.

FreePsycle ( - alpha, doesn't compile.

Insotracker ( - requires gnome.h to compile.

FunktrackerGOLD ( - compiles for Intel processors only.

Anyone else had any better luck?

i am and have been totally serious aout trying to get a tracker on the Z
it seems we have more interest now too!!!!!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

i just wanted to let you all wonderful ppl know ive had some discoveries within the last several hours

by using frodo:
and the gui:
(you will also need the libsdl if you dont have it already heres the link)
(i do suggest reading those pages above i linked. to have a better understanding of how the commands work. and maybe be able to help me too tongue.gif )
(this is the link for the trackers)

with frodo you can load up quite a few .d64 sound tracking roms biggrin.gif
the result is almost too much!! so far some of them are really loud.

the thing is tho, each one of them has its own different ways of using the keyboard
so its a real pain trying to figure out which one is best...
so far i think Odin tracker might be best for this situation but im not to sure on how to use really at all yet. wink.gif unsure.gif

i also kinda looked at ZX Spectrum emulator, it seems it would be better (for me at least, i use a Z5500G)
because it doesnt put the screen sideways.

there are a few trackerss for it but i cant for the love of god figure out how to use ZX Spectrum emulator yet.

i wanted to add this to the list of possible trackers to compile

man theres so much i could write right now

so i will stop with a howto on using frodo to load up a tracker with a z5500G w/sharp rom 3.13:
1ST] install libsdl , frodoGUI, Frodo
in that order
2ND] now sadly to say heres the hard part, you need these 4 files:
Kernal ROM
Basic ROM
Char ROM
1541 ROM
(spelled exactly like that)
i think the only possible way to really do this without getting into trouble would be for me to email them to you (i guess we will know if i get banned)
3RD] after you have put those files into /opt/QtPalmtop/bin/frodo also put the trackers in there (*.d64)
4TH] make sure to see if frodo loads up and then if so then get out by pressing "home" then "cancel"
5TH] load frodogui: then goto the tab that says "other" and click "set defaults", then goto the tab "I/O" and select "digital" from the "SID emulation" menu, then goto the tab "drives" and goto /opt/QtPalmtop/bin/frodo? or where ever you put the unpacked trackers and select which ever one you want to try. then click "Quit" at the top.
6TH] load Frodo,then once its loaded, hold down tab and press T (f5) now the hold down Fthe function key and press K to get an asterik, and press return.
if it says anything other than this, it might not work...:
Loading FROM 0801 (2049) TO 4795

so if that looks similar and no error messages, then hold down tab and press E (f3)
it should load immediately if not then press return.
depending on the tracker you chose you might be blasted with music so be careful!!
-if it doenst work at all then try a different tracker-

taken from
# The cursor keys on the Zaurus can be used to emulate a joystick. The emulation can be activated with the tabulator key and 'J'. The mode of the emulation is shown in the lower right corner. If a Joysticks in port one is emulated a 1 is shown, for port two a 2 is shown. If no emulation is active nothing is shown.
# The C64 function keys can be reached by the following key combinations on the Zaurus:

    * F1 - Tabulator and 'Q'
    * F2 - Tabulator and 'W'
    * F3 - Tabulator and 'E'
    * F4 - Tabulator and 'R'
    * F5 - Tabulator and 'T'
    * F6 - Tabulator and 'Z'

# The Run/Stop key is mapped to Tabulator and 'O'.
# The Restore key is mapped to Tabulator and 'P'.
# To quit the emulator, press the menu key.

okay, so now your on your own i cant help any more past this, mainly because i dont know anything else that could help.
but if you find something out or figure out how to use any of them to actually make something please!!!please!!!!please!!!! let us/me know!!
okay so after all that i found this

could someone that look at this an tell me if this could be used on a Z?
i put the the binaries in my opt/qtpalmtop/bin/ but it no workie blink.gif
QUOTE(cho1ce @ Mar 7 2005, 10:48 AM)
could someone that look at this an tell me if this could be used on a Z?
i put the the binaries in my opt/qtpalmtop/bin/ but it no workie blink.gif

Did you compile it or did you just download it? I think you need to download the source and compile it for the z.
has anyone got a copy of Mod2Text Text2Mod or is it Mod2Txt Txt2Mod that they can PM/e-mail me?

Sounds like a real linux way at going about editing Tracker files, but I'd be willing to give it a try. post the results here.

QUOTE(DeGT @ Mar 7 2005, 10:26 AM)
QUOTE(cho1ce @ Mar 7 2005, 10:48 AM)

could someone that look at this an tell me if this could be used on a Z?
i put the the binaries in my opt/qtpalmtop/bin/ but it no workie blink.gif

Did you compile it or did you just download it? I think you need to download the source and compile it for the z.

i havent been able to compile anything yet, the only gcc i could find that would install didnt install properly so i havent been able to compile anything. and even on my debian system i have the hardest of times trying to get anything that doesnt have a very well thought out step by step procedure to compile properly.
it seems almost every link i go down has been broken at one place or another with compiling stuff on the Z so,
thats why i wrote:
"could someone that look at this an tell me if this could be used on a Z?"
if you dont want to help then thats fine. im kind of hoping sum one might tho, thats alot better with linux than myself
im going to need to edit a few things in the big post i made about frodo
so far odin tracker is the most stable ATM
i just dl'd a ton of files tonight and im about to try some out
everything from convertors to sids to gbc and gba music roms man... and i found a really nice page. CHalk Full of goodies
the edit i need to make is that in order to exit out of frodo without having to reset. libsdl 1.26cvs-1 needs to be installed, when i edit my big post i will put a link in there along with a plethra of more goodies not nessecarily c64 related but to the cause indeed
I have Frodo working like a charm thanks to the above posts. I can say that the keyboard layout takes a lot of figuring out, I still can't locate the C= button. But I have success with many of the apps that Cho1ce linked to for C64. I have been working in Pro Drum 2 a bit learned how to add to the sequence and with the built in samples. Two tracks only in this app but I know C64 should be able to handle three..I can recreate those classic beats from the 80's. love the scratch and horn stabs in there biggrin.gif

Can someone explain how to get my own samples in Odin tracker, it looks like a nice app.

WE_really_need to get this ported to the Z.......... somehow!
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