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Full Version: For Sale: C700 + Extras
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I noticed that I don't use my C700 much anymore since I got my laptop, so I've swapped it out with a more basic PDA (Sony Clie TG50).

I'm selling a C700, a 512 MB SD card, a 512 MB CF card, a WiFi CF card and a bluetooth CF card. I had to open up the bluetooth card and fix something, so I wouldn't suggest buying that unless you're prepared for it to be less than reliable.

The Zaurus is in good shape. Everything works perfectly and the screen doesn't have any scratches that I can see. There are some scuffs on the outside of the case, but nothing major. I have the charger, CDs, box and whatever cables came with it. I don't have the original stylus, but I do have a T|3 stylus that is nicer than the original in many ways. I'll take some pictures if anybody wants to take a closer look.

The WiFi card is a Pretec CompactWLAN, the SD Card is a Kingston, the CF memory card is a Sandisk and the bluetooth card is an Ambicom BT2000-CF. Again, the bluetooth card had to be opened up and repaired. It's been epoxied back up and seems to be working well, but I make no guarantees.

I'm looking for $300 for the C700 and $30 for each card (except the BT card, send me an offer if you're actually interested) or maybe $375 for all of it. Send me an offer if you think any of that is too high.

Since I just got a Sony PDA, I'd also accept a 256 or 512 MB memory stick in exchange for any of the cards.

If you're interested, you can either reply to this post, PM me or email me at

Edit: I forgot to mention that I wouldn't be ready to ship this until the TG50 arrives. I just won the auction today, so it might be some time next week.
You've got pmail.
im intrested in the sd card but wont have money till about a week
I currently have a deal pending for the Zaurus and the SD card.

All the other cards are still up for grabs.
QUOTE(kbranch @ Mar 2 2005, 03:57 PM)
I currently have a deal pending for the Zaurus and the SD card.

All the other cards are still up for grabs.

I e-mailed you about the power adapter. Did you not get my mail?
QUOTE(el_borak @ Mar 2 2005, 01:12 PM)
I e-mailed you about the power adapter.  Did you not get my mail?

No, I didn't. That's quite odd.

I only have the one power cable, and that's going to whoever gets the Zaurus. The Zaurus uses a pretty standard plug, so you should be able to find a generic one at Radioshack or someplace like that.
SOLD! smile.gif
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