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Full Version: New Sync Program
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I would like to see a sync program that syncs the Z's Cal, Address Book,To-Do, and email with T-Bird and Sunbird
Yes, I agree.
It would be great!!!
I'm obliged to use Outlook just because it' difficoult to sync with other PIM package on Win (and I need Win unfortunately to run other application I use for work)
Yeah, if I could get the Z to sync with TBird/Sunbird or Mozilla Lightning (Tbird and Sunbird in one neat app), i would no longer need the outlook, which would be great!!!!
The problem is that the Mozilla Addressbook format is really really crap. I've only found one script capable of converting mork to human readable (eg vcard). I did find a post on the Qt maillist about someone trying to write Mozilla plugins for Qtopia desktop, but no follow up. There is campaigning to switch the mozilla address book to an sqlite db. That would make it easier.
Opie PIM would be able to select if data file use XML format or some standard as vcal/ical. Somebody knows if Mozilla apps can open this formats?
QUOTE(mimeca @ Mar 23 2005, 09:06 PM)
Opie PIM would be able to select if data file use XML format or some standard as vcal/ical. Somebody knows if Mozilla apps can open this formats?

Mozilla Calendar and Sunbird use .ics files which contain eithe iCal or vCal format (can't remember). The addressbook, however, is mork format. Syncing calendar with datebook is easy, syncing address book isn't unless someone writes a vcard/ldif -> mork script.
Hey Guys,
I had sucess syncing opie with sunbird using multisync:
First of all if get the branch version of multisync from here:
There is the source in the tarball, if you dont have Debian Sid. I compiled it on Debian Sarge, but had a problem with evolution plugin, so took it out from my build rule. By the way then the multisync didnt worked fine. So I just took the compiled sunbird plugin and used it with the multisync0.82 included in sarge.
It works smile.gif
But you have to attend to two additional things. The plugin uses local ics files from sunbird. Newer sunbird versions store them in a database, so that is bad. In this case I downloaded the recent Calendar extension for thunderbird (is a little sunbird) which stores the calendar in ics.
The other thing which is related to that, you have to configure the plugin by environment Variables:
For me, as an example, I have to this in the shell, from which I start multisync, before I start it:
export MULTISYNC_SUNBIRD_CALENDARS='/home/sam/Calendar/Home.ics;/home/sam/.mozilla-thunderbird/pleasechooseyourownprofile/Calendar/CalendarDataFile2.ics'

So you have to locate, where you ics files are.
By the way I am really lucky about that, because I can sync sunbird with webdav calendar at work biggrin.gif
Thats it

PS: For Zautix: This could be also a nice way for Kopi, I remember you use ics too.
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