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Full Version: Somebody Please Help !
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Hello everybody...

I really...really need some help....I am at my witts end and I really would appreciate some help from somebody. Here's the problem:

Problem: Cannot connect Ambicom BT2000C to Motorola V600 via GPRS

Zaurus Configuration:

Cacko rom: cacko-qtopia-rom-hotfix_1.22a_arm.ipk
It sounds to me like your bluetooth card is not getting recognized. When you plug the card in, do you get the message popup to show that it is detected?

I don't know too much about this stuff (only just got my Z a couple of days ago...) but looking in my /etc/bluetooth/bluetooth.conf (cacko 1.22 with hotfix a) I don't see an entry for your card as per your "cardctl ident" output above and I suppose it would need an entry in there?

Yes I do get a message saying that the card gets detected. The new Cacko rom Hotfix supports the Ambicom BT2000C card.


I did not write the "cardctl ident" output correctly. I have updated it in my post above
Ah ok, well at least that makes more sense.

The fact that those modules don't get found seems rather significant. Do files for the modules exist under /lib/modules ?

For example, I have:


BTW - I'm assuming you're using the lite version of Cacko 1.22? I didn't have to install any bluz packages or anything with the full version.
Hey Matt...

thanks for all the help..

here's what I did. I followed your suggestion and I reflashed my ROM also applied to cacko 1.22a hotfix. I got everything working perfeectly fine and the Bluetooth via network applet also detects my phone and the phone detects my Zaurus.

Only tries to connect and then says network offline?

Can you help me with that...please? I still cannot connect..
Ok, that sounds better anyway, sounds like the driver is getting loaded properly etc.

Did you "pair" the phone with the Zaurus?

Apparently, when it tries to connect it should try and pair automatically, but I found that I had to do it manually from the command line by doing:

dund -c 11:22:33:44:55

where 11:22:33:44:55 is your phone's Bluetooth ID (I found that out from the Howto).


BTW - My profile on here contains my ID's on various Instant Messenger services (MSN, yahoo etc) if you'd like me to help you through it that way either...
Hey Matt...

thanks again are like a saviour smile.gif

Ok I am not sure about the meaning of "pairing" but I did run the command that you specified and it worked fine...But Still getting "network offline"

I mean the Phone has listed Zaurus as a device and vice-versa and when I click connect...the phone lights glow and stuff....but in the end I get an message saying "Network Offline"

Also I did add you to my msn messenger: Your ID is: right?

Thanks again...

Bluetooth devices "pair" with each other which basically means that you are giving permission for them to talk to each other. Stops some other Zaurus user from using your phone to connect to the internet for example.

On your phone there will be an option somewhere to pair another device. You should use that to pair your Zaurus. It will ask you for a PIN to use. The default PIN on the Zaurus is 1234 which you should probably use to try it now, but may want to change later! (You can edit the files in /etc/bluetooth to do this).

Try pairing from your phone and see if that helps.

Actually, my MSN ID is

Oh then they did PAIR..

I used the pin:1234, then my phone basically said that Zaurus was trying to connect and asmed me to enter the pin. I did enter the PIN and it verified it. And my PHONE added Zaurus to it's list of accepted devices.

Inspite of all this, I still get the error saying "network offine"

DO y9ou know why?
What are the settings that you're using for the connection? Eg. Init string

Are you trying to connect via GPRS? Or a GSM dialup?

What phone are you using?

Does the phone display show anything when you try to connect?

You might want to look at some the other posts about getting GPRS working like this one:

Hope this helps.
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