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Full Version: Selling Your Z? May I Suggest...
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I am occasionally frustrated when I see people selling a Z on ebay, in particular.

Might I suggest you sell the accessories separately, apart from say a case (which is good for protection in delivery). You'll get a better price, as firstly people with a Z already will compete to buy, and secondly, people always treat accessories as a kind of freebie/bonus.

There have been a number of times when I've seen Zs with LOADS of accessories go relatively cheap, such that I have nearly bought them anyway for the value of the accessories, and then I'd re-sell the Z on its own.

Damn, just gave away my secret strategy!

Hmm, I understand. "value-added" incentive aggressive bundling de-valuating the Z and therefore accelerating the rate of depreciation. (Is a possible theory)

How about a a fellow z-geek just wanting to share the love? You know you want it. here it is with working hardware that kicks mucho ass.

OR how about this for a thought. Take this Z quick before my wife's attorney takes it from my dead cold hands. This Z is a free range lil' linux machine. Because splitting me from the Z and watching her destroy it would hurt more than kick in the balls.

PLEAASE take it, taaake it.(lol)


ps. sorry shamless plugging but anything for a laugh.
QUOTE(ludovicus @ Mar 8 2005, 01:01 AM)

that link is hopelessly broken!
I feel like such a doofus.
Here's the link. non broken.

sorry about being so sloppy.
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