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Full Version: Mediaplayer Woes!
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StockRom SL-6000 Media Player that came built in.

The app doesn't seem to work, lost my file association when I click on an mp3 or .mpg vid clip I get the standard (No Application is defined for this document) and when I'm inside the mediaplayer all the icons on the right are grayed out, I can't add anything to the playlists, please help.

tried some things in the termninal:
mpegplayer first time returned something about "libpng error uncompressed ICC chunk, ICC Profiles corrupt" the GUI loads but no files are found
next couple times I put in mpegplayer it would say "file doesn't exist /home/zaurus/Documents/aplication/octet-stream/_ "

can I get a copy of this file from someone. please

Never figured this one out, so reverted back to an early backup. Lost a lot of apps...but I may find which one broke it when I re-install them. And post my findings.

remember kids backup, backup, backup. tongue.gif

Good idea. I'll do it tonight.
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