FYI Mac lovers...

Well, the much hyped Cherry OS is out, I've just had a play and discovered it's no different to PearPC, infact, I could only get it to boot by using a PearPC disk image.

Check out, look at the comments for the news item announcing it, you'll find people have been pulling it apart and discovered it's a repackaged PearPC ripoff. There were discussions late last year about it being a rip-off, which the author was quick to deny. However with the actual release of the product yesterday, today it's become very apparent that this product, like the test copies are just repackaged PearPC emulators. No 80% emulation speed, in fact I think it's a bit slower than PearPC.

And the moral of the story is, if you want a Mac, buy one. Or don't get a pig to do the job of a panther.