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Full Version: Ssh Tunnel Gui
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In order to connect to my home machines from work (for VNC or to collect email etc), I connect an SSH tunnel on my Zaurus to home. Currently I have to run a script and if I need to change anything I need to edit that etc.

It would be nicer if there was a GUI way of doing this, does one exist?

If such a thing doesn't exist, would anyone else find one useful if I created such a thing?

I am not aware of an existing gui, but I agree it would be both useful and simple to create one. In fact, it may be feasible to add to the zkeychain ipk I just released. See ssh-agent thread in Security and Networking.

zkeychain provides gui functionality to start ssh-agent, input of ssh-askpass and spawns embeddedkonsole so that one can ssh at will in multiple console windows.
So, you wouldn't need to re-type the passphrase if we add the functionality to start the tunnel from the keychain script.
i would use it, I would love to route all my traffic thru an ssh tunnel to home when im on a pubic wifi.. suppose I could do this other ways but ssh is still a viable solution for VPN in linux
Just a quick update, I am working on this (using the tunnel now, in fact tongue.gif), but it is not quite ready yet.
I added dialogs to zkeychain to provide the ability to start the tunnell and to select which server to connect. User and server config is stored in config files.
SSH forwards POP and SMTP traffic directly, but for HTTP it uses a sqid proxy on a trusted host.
I'll post the ipk and screen captures once I have all the bugs worked out.
Ok, it is ready. I think all the bugs are out. I put together a page explaining how to set it up and run it. You can get it here.
I will post it on ELSI too.
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