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Full Version: How To Install Applications
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Dave Smith
Sorry to post such an elimentary question but I can't find an answer anywhere.

I've just installed OpenZaurus so I'm obviously keen to install some other applications. Although I've found some sources for apps, nowhere can I find any guidelines on how to install!

As you can tell this is my first time trying to do this so any pointers towards a "How To" would be very helpful.


Use the package manager app, or use ipkg from the command line.

The files to install are named .ipk, you should use mainly the ones from the feed where you got the ROM images.

If you can connect your Z to the web, then click update package list (or run ipkg update), then select the package name you want, the destination (where it'll be installed) and click go.

Assuming that you're installing software to your SD card:

# This command will update your package list
ipkg -d sd update

# This command will install the package you want
ipkg -d sd install packagename

# This command will make all the neccessary symlinks
ipkg-link mount /mnt/card

# This command will update your library file

# This command will do a system-wide upgrade on all packages installed
# You will still need to do a ipkg-link mount /mnt/card and a ldconfig
ipkg -d sd upgrade

# Here's where you will be installing your packages from.
# You will look for your packages here:

# As an example, if you want to install the opie-reader package available here:

ipkg -d sd update
ipkg -d sd install opie-reader
ipkg-link mount /mnt/card

When installing packages, you only need to put whatever comes before the first underscore (_).

Also, you will want to make sure your /etc/ipkg.conf file is up to date.

This is what my src section looks like:

src upgrades
src base
src libs
src console
src opie
src devel

If you just installed 3.5.2, then you'll need to add the devel line manually.

Hope this helps!

I'm assuming that you're running Opie. If you're using GPE instead, then you'll need to replace the opie references with GPE.
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