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Full Version: Svn Checkout Of Bitbake Fails
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when i try to get bitbake i get

svn co svn://
svn: Malformed network data
svn: Malformed network data

is there any othe possibility to load bitbake?

Anyone a hint?

Also trying to browse the svn directory vie browser ends up in an empty structure without and further files.

The most urgent topic to me is to get a toolchain (new gcc) for 3.5.2. Is there any package providing this?

I think, all packages will provide that.

The toolchain is built as part of OE's "Do Things" process, so you should get that without a problem.

I pm'ed you a link to a tarball of bitbake that I just pulled (03/10/05), in the event that svn is impeding your ability to get started. You'll still need to do the BitKeeper stuff to get the actual package data.
Thanks a lot for the tarball (it seems that there's a problem with my svn for suse 8.2 or with my access to berlios)

I had to recompile python-2.3 for my suse 8.2 platform but now the production is running and as i could check just before there's already a cross compiler available ...

thanks andreas
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