My new 860 arrived today with a universal power supply; I checked it was 5V and it was a tad over, no worries.

But it was one of these with a reversible tip, but I wasn't going to plug it in straight away as I wanted to verify the polarity. I'm very glad I did check as the power supply as provided was the wrong way round!

Well, I googled, and searched, hither and yon, and found loads of warnings about bad polarity frying Zaurii, but noone actually said what the polarity actually IS. So, I thought I'd post it here for future reference.

The best advice someone said was to use a meter on resistance/diode and see which connector on the power socket goes to the negative/0V on the battery connector.

I discovered that the pin in the centre must be the 5V and the outer the 0V.

i.e. looking into the Z, ( * ), the *centre is 5V and ring 0V

So on the power plug, the outside is 0V and the inside 5V.

Important Disclaimer:
* All this information is provided for use at your own risk
* Zaurii have no polarity protection nor do they like over/under-voltage supplies.
* You are advised to check that any supply you use is properly regulated
* That if polarity can be reversed, to glue reversible plugs together, or gaffer-tape over switches, to prevent accidents.
* That any mains power supply you use is rated for the country you're in with safety cut-outs, has properly insulated or earthed
* That if you use an in-car adaptor, that it's got good protection circuitry and plenty of filtering - car DC varies HUGELY and has lots of nasty spikes and noise on it. I would advise not leaving zaurus connected to car when starting the engine! In fact, I would advise not using an in-car adaptors at all to be honest. blink.gif