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Full Version: C3000 Apps For Cxxx
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I've been playing around with the c3000 1.11 rom mentioned in this post:

with the intent to see what newer software I can get running on my c860 with cacko.

So far, I've packaged the Netfront 3.1, 1.5.4 update, which you can download below if you're interested.

I've been working on the music player now. I have it working, but the wma plugin doesn't want to load for some reason.

Anyway, I'm curious to know if anyone else was doing the same. Also, what differences (if any) are there in some of the other software that might make this effort worthwhile.

Well, it appears that even though the version numbers are the same, the libsl library (and possibly others) are actually different. For example, the 1.11 movieplayer will run ok, but craps out when you click 'About' because of a function missing from my version of libsl. Ditto for qtmail.

I suppose I could try updating my libsl, but I'm betting that would just cause more problems.
Don't replace the C7x0/C860 versions of the libraries with the ones from the C3000 - it will indeed cause problems with existing programs.

What you can do is preload the C3000 versions before attempting to run a C3000 program. For example, from the command line (or a script) you could run:
LD_PRELOAD="/path/to/C3000lib/" program_to_run

- ashikase
- anpachi, gifu, japan
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