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Full Version: Sl5500 Must Sell
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I have an SL5500 - original box, manual, charger, etc. Everything is like new other than Only problem is a few little scratches in paint. other than that it's perfect. Oh, and Froot plays beautifully on it.

Why would I sell my beloved 5500? I'm selling a lot of stuff so I can afford speech recognition stuff for my pc as arthritis got the fingers and I need to stay in school.

I gotta stay in school

pm me if you are interested at $200 including S&H or best offer
are you saving to buy software or hardware?
QUOTE(layers @ Mar 13 2005, 07:03 PM)
are you saving to buy software or hardware?

both plus school - books etc not cheap

i'm saving up to get a small recorder for lecture and i've heard there is software out there that will turn the recording into text..... also i've heard that there's software that will let me shout at my computer and will turn my voice into text...
hey i just noticed you are in PDX! im in seattle! w00t
pm me if i can help you out with any software (purely to try-b4-j00-buy of course... i know this isnt a jaurez board)

<nudge nudge wink wink>
Have you taken any offers yet? I'm willing to go $150. pm me to discuss. smile.gif

sorry about the arthritis - my mom has it so bad she can't even pick things up anymore. hoping for a cure..... sad.gif
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