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Full Version: Zaurus Newbie Trying To Install Python
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I developed a Python application on my Linux desktop that I would now like to move to my Zaurus SL-6000L. I have almost no experience using the Zaurus, so I'm having very basic troubles. I have a copy of what I believe was the Riverbank Computing Python package (called python_2.3.3-1.0_arm.ipk). I move it from my Linux machine onto a CF and then insert the CF in my Zaurus. Under files, I select the CF. The ipk appears on the list. Selecting it launches Package Installer. I hit the Install button at the bottom and exit the app when told to. I'm pretty sure that it's installed because when I select Uninstall packages, it shows up there. So now what? There's no icon for running Python. To convince myself that I was using the right procedure for installing packages, I tried downloading another application. An icon appeared that launches the application. Another posting here mentions a Python image from kopsis, but I find nothing at their web site. If that's a better package to use, how do I get a copy?
Bertram Wooster
no matter which distribution you'll install, you probably won't find an icon for the python interpreter - if you start the terminal and type "python" without quotation marks python'll (probably) be there and wait for your input.

nevertheless i'd rather use kopsis' image. it's the most recent version, relatively complete, including way more modules than riverbank or vanille. its homepage is here:
(just for your information: there is yet another python for zaurus available, this time especially for openzaurus: - nevertheless i'd still go for kopsis' one)
riverbank has stopped looking after it and kopsis hopefully will keep us up to date wink.gif

you'll find all the information you need about kopisis' python image here:

by the way, if you need a ide for writing python code on your zaurus and don't want a plain text editor, try visiscript. i'm quite happy with it.

good luck!
Thank you for your very helpful reply. I might have figured out that I needed to start Python from a terminal if the Zaurus came with one -- or if I could find the one it comes with. I wound up downloading qpe-terminal. Sure enough, Python ran when I entered "python" at the prompt. The only (small) problem remaining is that I can't figure out how to enter ^D to exit the interpreter. Onward and upward.

I was aware of the Python at However, that package is not available now ("Package feed temporarily out of order because of reconstruction. Stay tuned for Python 2.4").

I will replace the Python on my Zaurus with the kopsis image, as you suggest. I am considering upgrading my Sharp ROM to OZ. Do you know whether the kopsis image will work on OZ?
Bertram Wooster
sorry, but it probably won't work with openzaurus. kopsis himself explained so in post#24 here:
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