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Full Version: How To Sync Kaddressbook And Sharp Addressbook
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Sorry if i am a bit dense here ...
But is there a way to Sync the KAPI with the Sharp DTM based addressbook whereby only Address from KAPI go back to the DTM database (i.e. backward only) and not Address from DTM are bought into the KAPI database ?

Essentially the DTM is blank for me and I want to sync (no duplicates) the KAPI address to the DTM database side.

I did the Sharp DTM Sync with setting "Force: Take local entry always (does Local referr to the KAPI side here ?)

and did OK - which came back with statistics of

0 items added to local
0 items added to remote (is the DTM side referred to as Remote)
0 updated on local
160 items updated on remote
0 deleted
0 incoming filtered...
0 outgoing filtered...


But at the end, I dont get any address in the Sharp Addressbook.
What is the right way ?
to Answer myself - and for info - I switched back to the 2.0.6 version of the KDEPIM apps for the Zaurus and now the sync works fine.

Seems like sync is not working for the newest version (or rather the previous one 2.0.16) that I had on before.
yeah i had troubles synching them as well. Sharp address book crashes on startup on my machine, so i cant't really telll what's going on, but when i tried synching them a second time (giving priority to Sharp AB entries, it created duplicate entries all over Kapi. sad.gif
Haven't tried anything else after that, something is very wrong somewhere.
Since Zautrix mentioned that OmPI was going to be too much toub;e to bug-fix further - I switched back to Sharl mail. The only reason I liked Ompi, inspite of the many design flaws (I look at them as flaws, others see that as feature and want to "leave it as it is")
was its ability to lookup addressbook for email addresses.

So now I am syncing the Kapi with DTM (I want one way sync only) and have not installed the Sharp Addressbook at all, since its basically the DTM database thats synched and the Sharp Email prog reads from the DTM base, and doesnt need addressbook to be installed.

But theres strange anomalies - the first time, with a blank DTM , the sync worked fine and I had all KaPi address in DTM, next time after changes to the KaPi, the changes are not carrying over to the DTM, cause when I look up address with new emails I have added, Sharp Email prog doesnt show them at all.

I am still working to see if there is any flag which needs to be cleared or some file which needs to be deleted - but if this works fine then I am set.
Goodbye to OmPi.

Note : I am back to useing 2.0.6 KaPI/KoPi etc on my C750 now. At least sync works unlike the 2.0.16 where nothing happened at all.
Yes, I ran into major synching troubles with .16. stick with stable until Zautrix figures it out.
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