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Full Version: Problems With Sd Card On Collie (5500)
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This is a repost from the OE mailing, as nobody could help me there, at least until now.
I have a 256Mb SD card that has worked well on my 5500, until recently starting giving errors. Using it on my laptop (with a usb sd card reader) it also fails when doing a lot of reads. So, I bought a new card, a 1Gb card. But...
It's a 66x card, made by integral (, and even though it works perfectly on my laptop, accessing it through a usb reader, on the 5500 it won't work at all. I've tried different partitioning schemes, file system formats (vfat, ext2, etc.), but I can't even write a partition table to it on the 5500.
Using a OE generated oz 3.5.3 (20050306) the first error I get after inserting the card is "mmcda:<3>sd : cmd [ 12 ] response [ 3f ]" and then a lot of errors as the z can't read boot sector and/or superblock from the card, so can't mount it.
I've also tried reflashing with sharp's rom, oz 3.5.1, 3.5.2, etc. and it didn't work.
Is my collie defective, is it sharp's binary sd driver, or what? The SD card works well on my laptop, and I just tested it on a friend's ipaq, and it also works well there.
not sure, but this thread might help here
Thanks, it is a different problem. My sd card doesn't even get properly detected, the errors I get are kernel level.
oh my bad.. well i am too ignorant to help, but at least this reply might bump your thread at the right time.. lol..
Well, it seems there is another guy with the same problem with a 1Gb card, different brand:
And fresh from the bloke with the same problem....

(I could be barking up the wrong tree but the post above from iamasmith seems to support my understanding of whats going on!)

And here's the latest on my card troubles....
Bingo!!! 1gb Viking SD card works first time!

Looks like the theory on different brands is quite correct!
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