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Full Version: Broken Zaurii - Bring Out Your Dead!
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If anyone out there has any unwanted broken Zaurus devices, I'd be very interested in them regardless of condition.

Why? because it may help the work I've been doing on the 2.6 kernel. I could dismantle a completely non functional device and find out exactly what some of the gpios do etc. and learn more about how they're wired up. The charging circuits remain a bit of a mystery for example. I'd also love to have a board which I could experiment with the bootloader on. I'd need one with a functional mainboard for that but battery and screen etc can all be broken.

I just thought I'd mention this on the off chance anyone has anything gathering dust that they're wondering what to do with.

(I'm not just interested in c7xx either - other semi functional devices might let me help out on the other 2.6 kernels).


(2.6 c7x0 kernel author)
Pretty impressed by the current status of the kernel. Good job guys smile.gif
It is really nice to see progress on the kernel (and on really opensourcing the whole thing).If I had broken zaurii,I'd send 'em. But all I have is a working 6k
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