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Full Version: Resume The Z By 'at' Event
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Hi all,

using the c3k with still the stock rom from sharp, I've installed some console tools and all works great (I really love this tiny workstation, typewriter, network analyser, take away storage).

Now I'm using a "real" at-deamon from the debian arm port (the original seems to be some kind of fake to me). The at command and the at-queue works well.

You may guess: I would really enjoy if the at event would wakeup the Z from suspend mode. Other tools can do, so it's possible anyway.

I've allready searched the web for it -even in linux forums-, but 'at' is a hard word to search for - no answers so far.

Any proposals are welcome.


I'd be interested to know about waking up from suspend too - perhaps you should look at the source of one of the alarm applets as these obviously wake up the Z at a specific time.

Not wanting to hijack the thread, but if anyone can provide any general info as to how it's done I'd be interested (on my old Psion I could just issue something like a sleep(time in secs) command which did the job nicely).


see this thread:

(psion also came up in the discussion wink.gif )
QUOTE(develd @ Mar 17 2005, 01:17 AM)
[...] (the original seems to be some kind of fake to me).

I can only speak for the SL-5500 running Sharp's original 2.38 ROM, but the at command and its accompanying daemon can hardly be called fake -- they are capable of exactly what you are trying to do.

I would be very surprised if that has been changed in any of the later ROM releases, regardless of the device in question.

The 'problem' is that this at implementation is one of those typical UN*X tools that are decidedly user-unfriendly biggrin.gif

Have a look at a typical UN*X Manualpage for at on a desktop system (or here if you're lacking one), that may help you sort out the syntax. Sharp's at implementation basically works the same.

Best regards,
Hey, what a surprise: You're absolutely right. The build in at command works with wakeup!

Don't ask me what I've done wrong to declare the sharp 'at' as broken.

Right now I can only setup an job from STDIN or with the -f option from a shell script. No remove or list command so far.

The debian installation works exactly as described in the man page (since it is version 3.1.8 too) - but without wakeup.

Thanks a lot for the hint to try again,

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